Embark on a journey into the world of Hedona, a distinctive chocolate factory proudly operated by the Association of Persons with Disabilities in Croatia. Committed to making a difference, Hedona exclusively employs individuals with disabilities, handcrafting chocolates and chocolate pralines with unparalleled care and dedication. Their devotion to quality is evident in every bite, as they use only the finest ingredients to ensure a sensory experience like no other.

One of the most cherished projects involved shaping Hedona’s brand identity from the ground up, including the recent re-edit of the Brand Book. The freedom to conceptualize the design, generate a fitting name, and craft a tagline that encapsulates the spirit of Hedona was a personal endeavor.

The name “Hedona,” inspired by the Ancient Greek word “hēdonē,” meaning pleasure, emerged as the top choice in a Facebook poll where name suggestions were sought. This name perfectly captures the blissful pleasure derived from their exquisite chocolates. The logo, a visual story, features a Greek goddess of pleasure seated on a cocoa tree, cradling a cocoa flower and harvesting cocoa beans.

Beyond the logo, my involvement extended to meticulous design work for packaging, foldings, and print materials. Every detail was considered, and materials were chosen to complement the premium quality of Hedona’s final products. To ensure Hedona’s brand stood out, a distinctive color palette was chosen. Red and purple, representing passion and luxury, serve as the main background colors, while gold and silver, symbolizing excellence, take center stage in the logo. Simultaneously, I had the privilege of contributing to Hedona’s visual appeal by crafting their logo and designing packaging materials. This collaborative effort aimed to elevate Hedona’s brand identity, ensuring that each chocolate product is not only a culinary delight but also a visual masterpiece.

During this period, I also played a role in refining Hedona’s website. While modifications have been made since, you can still explore the website’s evolution at :

Discover the sweet synergy of artistry, purpose, and flavor at Hedona. Indulge in the unique story behind each chocolate creation, where every bite is a celebration of inclusion and craftsmanship.