CD covers

CD covers

Immerse yourself in the world of Robert Radamant, a versatile music producer, DJ, and the driving force behind electronic music promotion and management. Our collaborative journey spans three years, marked by a seamless blend of creativity and sonic innovation.

During our partnership, I had the privilege of crafting the visual identity for Robert, including a distinctive logo design and an array of captivating CD covers. The design process was a delightful exploration of harmonizing visual elements with the pulsating beats of his electronic compositions.

Robert’s appreciation for my graphic style has been a driving force in our collaboration, fostering an environment where creativity flows effortlessly. In turn, I find inspiration in the rhythmic landscapes of his music, creating a synergy that elevates both the visual and auditory aspects of our shared projects.

For a glimpse into the sonic realms curated by Robert Radamant, visit his YouTube channel. It’s a testament to our collaboration, where the visual and auditory converge to create an immersive experience for music enthusiasts.

Join us on this journey of artistic fusion, where design and music seamlessly intertwine, and each collaboration becomes a celebration of creativity and passion.

Plastic Nonsense

“Plastic Nonsense,” is an audacious musical adventure that mirrors its title in both sound and aesthetics. This album is a testament to the exhilarating exploration of unconventional melodies and beats, a true sonic journey that I wholeheartedly adore.

What sets “Plastic Nonsense” apart is not only its musical audacity but also the bold interplay of colors and shapes that dance across its visual landscape. Embracing the unconventional nature of the music, I sought to create a visual counterpart that would capture the essence of the album in a tangible, eye-catching form.

The decision to encase the artwork in plastic was a deliberate choice to bridge the gap between content and design in a literal sense. The result is a visual spectacle that mirrors the experimental nature of the music within. The transparent sheen of plastic adds an extra layer of intrigue, inviting listeners to peel back the layers and explore the sonic complexity within.


New Lands

“New Lands,” an album that transcends conventional boundaries both musically and visually. This sonic venture, akin to its predecessor “Plastic Nonsense,” is a testament to the dynamic creativity shared between Robert Radamant and myself. Upon Robert’s request for the cover to echo the mesmerizing visuals of the How to Destroy Angels song “A Drowning”, I embraced the challenge to capture the essence of that awe-inspiring song while infusing our unique perspective. Respecting Robert’s desire for a visual connection, I embarked on a journey to meld reality and imagination. Drawing inspiration from real landscape photography, I introduced a vector sun to create a visual language that distinguishes “New Lands” as a realm beyond Earthly confines. The fusion of the tangible and the abstract invites listeners to explore a space that feels simultaneously familiar and otherworldly.

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